Hello! I'm

Mark Oglesby

UK based frontend developer, making beautiful websites.

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So, what is this?

Well, after quite a long time, I felt it was time to rebuild my site. As anyone will tell you, I used to rebuild my site with a completely different look and feel maybe every year or so. I can't believe I've left it this long to be honest. I went back to basics too, just HTML, CSS and some Javascript.

So who am I? I've been a developer of one form or another for 20 years now. I've worked on small 3-page sites for small businesses, to a large web portal for an ISP and many projects in between.

I've been self-employed, contract, and full-time working in small teams of two or three to teams of a dozen or more. I want to concentrate on frontend work now, contract or permanent is fine. Currently adding React and Next.js to my skillset.


UI/UX Design

  • Landing pages
  • User stories
  • User flow
  • Figma
  • Mobile app design


  • HTML
  • CSS & Sass
  • Javascript
  • SQL
  • React

Coming soon

  • Next.js
  • Firebase & Firestore
  • Solidity
  • React Native
  • Ethereum

Specific skills

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22 years
18 years
Databases and SQL
18 years
Visual Studio
17 years
15 years

My Recent Projects

EBS Braking Solutions

  • Import tracking system

EPS Pipeworks Ltd

  • Logo


  • Logo